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What happens when I register?

One of the benefits you have within the Apple Masters program, is access to the very latest hardware from Apple.

After registering your details on this page, you'll receive an invite to a tool called Velory in which you can select a device free of charge to empower your role as an Apple expert in your store. The device will be yours to use for the duration of your Apple Masters program or until a new device is offered after a year.

This is Velory

The first tool that automates purchasing, managing, and supporting business hardware and software.

Quick Start

Your time is valuable and we respect that. You'll be able to order a new device when it has been released and once you've placed your order the device will be in your hands in no time.

Easy keeping track

With Velory you'll never lose track of the devices you have through the program. Velory lets you register each device with its serial number/IMEI so it is uniquely connected to you.

Know the value

You bring great value to the sales of Apple products and accessing this device is a way for you to see how much a device may be worth during usage. You can easily follow a device's estimated trade-in value in Smart Portal.


Simply fill out the form below, making sure you've read the terms and conditions before submitting.

Terms and conditions

These terms apply when receiving a hardware device via Velory as a part of the Apple Masters program.

  • You acknowledge that the device isn't owned by you and that you must return it when the period ends.
  • During the period of you having the device, you are responsible for the condition and safety of the device. If the device is damaged to any extent more than expected wear and tear, you may be charged a fee for the repair costs.
  • Within the program you are permitted up to two (2) device repair tokens where you are responsible for the payment of the deductible. If the device needs to be repaired three (3) times or more, you are liable to pay for the full cost of reparation.
  • Any damage, theft, malfunction or other device issues must be reported in the Velory.
  • When you leave or complete the Apple Masters program, the device must be returned. The device must also be returned upon request.


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