In order to get a good overview of the existing hardware in the company, both administrators and employees can register hardware in Velory. In the event that an administrator registers a device, it can be assigned to an employee or a space in the same process or later.

To register a hardware device, click on Equipment -> Register in the menu on the left-hand side in Velory.  

The only thing that is really needed to register equipment is a name and a category. But the more information you add about it the better. This is what the form looks like:

Enter the name of the device. When you start typing in the field, you will see suggestions for common devices. For example, if you type "iPhone 13", a list of different models will be displayed:

Select one of the options to have the name and category filled in. Don't worry if you don't get a hit on the name, not all devices and things are included in the database and it is possible to just enter one name.

Select the most appropriate category for your device.

Assign to
Choose who in the company (or which space) the device belongs to. It's possible to leave the field blank.

Serial number
If your device has a serial number, enter it here. It's possible to leave the field blank.

Purchase date or renewal date
If the device belongs to someone, it may need to be replaced on a special date. You can enter the date here.

Here you can note things that are good to know about the device (such as condition, area of ​​use, etc.).

Admin notes
Admin notes are like regular notes, with the difference that they are only visible to administrators.