In Velory, you can find detailed statistics on how your company's hardware is used and distributed.

In the statistics you can find:

  • The total number of units in the company. The number includes both units that are connected to employees and rooms as well as those that have not yet been assigned.
  • The number of units that have not been assigned within the company. That is, the devices that are not connected to an employee or a room.
  • The number of units per employee on average.
  • An estimated value of units per employee, meaning, how much each employee's assigned units are worth on average.
  • Total monthly cost for all the company's leased units. The cost is calculated based on the units leased through Velory.

In addition, there is an overview of the types of units that exist in the company, how much these are worth and what the distribution of unit types looks like within the company.