Insurance is a requirement for all leased hardware with a residual value. (Here you can read more about leasing). There are usually a few different choices you can make to choose the insurance that suits your business. Below we present the alternatives that currently exist, but be aware that not all alternatives may be selectable for your particular company.

Choose insurance

As previously mentioned, you need to opt for an insurance policy to be able to lease hardware in Velory. Leased products can be insured either through the finance company DLL, AppleCare + or via your company's own insurance.

Insurance from DLL

DLL insurance is always standard for a company. This means that the insurance from the DLL is automatically added if you have not made an active insurance choice. This means that if a user places an order in your portal, the insurance from the DLL will be added automatically.

AppleCare +

If your Velory provider offers AppleCare +, you can choose it as your default insurance when your employees shop in Velory, instead of using DLL's insurance.

Not all Velory providers can sell AppleCare + as insurance - in these cases, AppleCare + will not appear as an option in the list when you set up your default insurance. This is because AppleCare + only appears as an option in Velory if your Velory provider offers this as an option.

Private insurance

Your company can also use the company's own insurance on leased products. If your company already has insurance that will cover products that are leased in Velory, and that you have an agreement in place about this with DLL, then select the option "Private insurance according to agreement with DLL".

If your company already has insurance that will cover products leased in Velory, but you do not have an agreement for this with a DLL, contact your Velory supplier for information on how to proceed so that your company can use its own insurance. As part of that process, DLLs can request that your company send them insurance certificates and insurance confirmations. Once DLL has approved this, they will no longer apply their own insurance to products that you lease in your company.

More about insurance

Ask an administrator at your company if you want to know which insurance is automatically applied to the products you lease through Velory.

If your company has not chosen an insurance

If your company has not made an active insurance choice in Velory, DLL's insurance is automatically applied as standard insurance*.

If your company has made an insurance choice

If your company has made an active insurance choice in Velory, that choice is applied to all leasing agreements where it is applicable ** ***.

Insurance cost

The insurance cost is not included in the price shown in Velory.

* the exception in cases where your company has an agreement with the finance company (DLL) that your company has its own insurance that will cover products the company leases through Velory.

** the exception is products for which you have included insurance in the shopping cart. For these products, the insurance you put in the shopping cart is applied.

*** the exception is products where the insurance contract is not applicable (for example, the insurance AppleCare + and a product that is not Apple). For these products, the finance company's (DLL) insurance is applied.