In the Store, you and your company can buy and keep track of all your hardware and software in a simple and structured way. By having these opportunities in one and the same platform, you get an overview of your company's IT equipment and expenses that is hard to outmatch. The store works like any online store, with the difference that all purchases are automatically linked to your Asset Management.

How it works

The products that are visible in the Store are the ones that are currently available for your company. To choose which products to display here, you can talk to your Velory supplier. You will find the contact information via the Contact and Support page in your Velory. As an administrator, you can buy products in the Store when your company needs them. You can easily find all the products that your Velory supplier has made available to you by navigating between the different categories.

Once you have selected the products you want to purchase, you can choose a payment option. You can choose between paying the full amount directly as a one-off cost or by paying via leasing. If you only see one visible option, it means that your Velory provider has chosen that only one option should be available.